Overwatch Confirms Winter Wonderland 2021 Start Date, Teases D.Va Christmas Skin

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In a teaser trailer for Winter Wonderland 2021, the new start date for the event is confirmed, along with teasing two possible new skins.

With the end of the year only a couple of weeks away, a number of developers are celebrating the holidays by including winter-themed content in their games. Among the titles looking to get into the holiday spirit is the 2016 team-based shooter Overwatch.

Known as the Winter Wonderland event, Activision Blizzard has been hosting an annual winter-themed update for years. While the specifics of the event vary from year to year, they often include new skins and cosmetics, winter decorations for select maps, and exclusive game modes. While fans had to deal with news of a delay for the 2021 event, a new update from the developer looks to bring back fans just in time for the holidays.

Recently, the developers of Overwatch sent out news about the adjusted start time for Winter Wonderland 2021. While the event had been pushed back from its December 14 starting date, fans won’t have long to wait. According to the developer, the 2021 edition of the winter update is now scheduled to begin on Thursday, December 16, and will run until Thursday, January 6. This news means that players will have 3 weeks to enjoy the festivities. Along with the message, a short 10-second teaser trailer was included.

In addition to announcing the start date for the event, the trailer teased several possible skins. In the clip, the silhouettes of two characters were seen flying past the moon. While it was too dark to see many details, the shapes looked like Orisa and the mech for D.Va. The appearance of these heroes in the trailer suggests that they are receiving new winter-themed skins.

While nothing has been confirmed by Activision Blizzard, rumors have been circulating regarding what a new skin for Orisa would look like in Overwatch. One theory is that the character is receiving a reindeer skin. Over the years, fans have requested this design for the robotic tank. A community manager at the game studio even acknowledged the demand for the skin in a forum post. “The Santa hat wasn’t enough? Yeeeeessssh,” the developer said. In addition, another piece of evidence in support of this theory was that an artist that previously designed concept artwork for an Orisa reindeer skin now worked for Activision Blizzard.

It will be interesting to see what other news regarding the event is revealed ahead of the start date. Perhaps, fans will receive a better look at the new potential skins for Orisa and D.Va. Regardless, it’s nice to see that the annual Winter Wonderland event is set to make a return in only a couple of days.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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